What We Offer


  • Screw & post portfolios, photography books, boxes
  • Hand-crafted pieces, designed to last
  • Individually tailored, printed and bound in Canada
  • Custom name stamping using in house metal fonts available
  • Custom magnesium die creation for truly creative stamping
  • Images printed directly on archival fine art paper
  • Propietary lay-flat papers with built in hinging
  • 6 Buckram Colours: Agate, Aquamarine, Lava, Pearl, Pewter, Steel
  • 6 Leather colours:
         Black, Chartreuse, Chocolate Brown, Fuschia, Red, Robin's Egg
  • 11 Silk colours to choose from:
         Black, Chocolate Brown, Burnt Sienna, Cream, Dynasty Red,
         Light Plum, Petal Green, Platinum, Robin's Egg, Taupe, Teal
  • 3  Satin Colours: Hot Pink, Midnight Black, Purple Brocade
  • Other colours in all materials are available please enquire

    - 11x11,  8x86x6
    - 13x119x7.57x6  (Landscape)
    - 11x137.5x96x7  (Portrait)
    - Photo Book sizes are easily scalable from large to medium to small

    -14x1111x8.5 (Landscape)
    -11x148.5x11 (Portrait)
    -17x11 (Landscape)